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Maestro (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Gudang Genteng is a company engaged in the tile industry, Building Structure Materials, Gypsum & Concrete Materials and Light Steel. In addition, we also provide roof renovation services, new roof construction, ceiling installation, partition installation in offices, houses, apartments, hotels, buildings and so on. Our products have good quality and quality so they can be relied on for your construction. Our store location is in East Jakarta, precisely at Jalan Mabes Hankam no 17 rt 01 rw 02 opposite Green Terrace Taman Mini.


Sebagai Distributor utama untuk produk genteng, kami GUDANG GENTENG menjual genteng keramik, genteng beton, genteng metal dan berbagai macam jenis genteng yang lain dengan harga yang kompetitif dan pelayanan yang terbaik 


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